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Hats off for your excellent and enlightening editorial 'Changing and Changeless trends. 'Barring a few cities like Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore, other cities show lackluster attitude towards promoting Karnatic music because of paucity of funds,poor patronage from the audience and virtual closure of sabhas for one reason or other.In today's scenario where the fast developing technology becomes the greatest issue, what is lamentable is that most musicians make a fast buck through Skype classes instead of extending their maximum cooperation for the conductance of live concerts  of quality music in India and around the globe. To quote Marshal Cohen, "whether the art is expressive has something to do not only with the properties of the work of the art but also withe emotions and feelings of the artist who has created and with the experience of the audience that receives it". Music is done with silence and silence is full of music.

Hence the present day audience should appreciate the silences created by the audience and the artist of today should have the skill of communication of transferring his/her emotions and feelings to the audience making them have a feeling of oneness with his/her music One's talent becomes total

waste when the artist is not in sync with the audience. Young artists of  to-day are proficient and efficient in producing music performances of exalted quality and aesthetic finery but want of well knowledgeable audience is the worrying factor. Really speaking, Rasikas act as energizers for the artists and become the secret of their best performance in as much as a well-disciplined, knowledgeable and intent audience can really make the art expressive and take the artists to the higher plane of excellence.

Here I would like to mention Sri Neiveli V.Pichu, the organiser of cultural events of our village, Thippirajapuram. Every year he used to spend meticulous planning, run from pillar to post to mobilize funds for artists' remuneration, their transport expenses, their boarding and lodging and publicity for arranging a good concert by young developing artists. He is more concerned with the presence of more audience than the performance of the artist having a firm belief that artists will exhibit their remarkable  talents and produce high class performance only in presence of overflowing audience. - R.Pichumani, Thippirajapuram

Dr.Rukmini Ramani is a prominent composer of our time. She has composed a variety of compositions and her music operas are very popular among dancers. It is wonderful that she is still continuing the bhajan tradition in the Margazhi month. Dr.Rukmini's major contribution to 108 Divya Kshetra kritis, Pancharathnam on Mahaperiyavaa and Kapaleeswarar Pancharatnam. She along with her son Ashok Ramani maintains the family tradition and legacy. - Saroja Swamy, Chennai

I was very happy to see the interview of Dr.Rukmini Ramani, who is a  torch bearer of a great music tradition. She is a gifted Vaggeyakara like her father Sri Papanasam Sivan and has so many kritis to her credit. Her work towards propagation of her father's work through publication of books is commendable.-Sumathi Ram, Chennai 

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