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National Conference 2014

National Conference on Music Appreciation
Music takes different dimensions, hues and colours. As a performing art, it has acquired so many formats to suit the taste and interest of people. Though we have broad categories of music like folk, devotional, popular and classical, they are not exclusive and each genre has given way to the emergence of various formats as their sub-types.
Paddhati will showcase the different concert formats which have evolved in recent times, so that the audience can understand them distinctly and also enjoy them better. About a 100 years back, classical music had only a single format of presentation, usually starting with the varnam and concluding with a tillana, covering a gamut of compositions as well as the ragam-tanam-pallavi. This was regarded as a well-balanced presentation of kalpita and kalpana sangitam and would go on for more than three hours, sometimes extending as long as a five hour concert. With the fast paced life taking its toll, the duration of concerts have got diminished and with the audience wanting a variety fare, different formats in presentation have emerged and evolved.
Paddhati will focus on different concert formats - Ragam-tanam-pallavi concert, Thematic concert, One raga one kriti concert, Devotional concert, Jugalbandi concert and culminate in presenting a sumptuous musical feast through a Traditional concert. Paddhati will have a combination of lec-dems and concerts on the respective subjects by eminent artists so that rasikas understand the concept and then enjoy it in its right perspective.

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