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Samudhra is the only magazine in India covering all aspects of fine arts including music, dance, drama and art cinema. It comes as a storehouse of information with interesting interviews of noted personalities, information about the basics of karnatic music and dance, coverage of important events, quiz on fine arts and many thought provoking and interesting articles. Samudhra is a perfect blend of education and enlightenment in fine arts.

As there are many articles of interest in this magazine and as a matter of convenience to preserve the magazine, there have been requests from readers to bring out a consolidated copy of the issues already published. We are hence bringing out a bound copy consisting of 12 issues. We hope this will help you in acquiring the copies you have missed reading and also make preserving the magazine much more easy.

Only limited copies of the volumes available ! Rush and order immediately !

Read Samudhra - enrich and enlighten yourself !

Samudhra - Compilation of Issues

Now available in 5 volumes at

The Karnatic Music Book Centre, Phone : 28111716

Saptaswara Musicals, Phone : 24996498

Samudhra’s Office : 28220453

Price of each volume : Rs.200/-

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