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Today’s rasikas are ever keen to know the nuances of the various fine art forms. They have understood that for a better appreciation of the arts, it is essential to educate themselves on its technicalities and finer intricacies. Artists have also been working hard in various fields and creating new concepts so as to reach the art to a wider audience. Thus, in the present context, there is a need for an educative magazine covering all aspects of fine arts i.e music, dance, drama and art cinema. The magazine Samudhra has been launched with an aim to explore the art world in full depth.

Samudhra magazine contains a treasure trove of interesting material including interviews of leading artists and art related personalities. It also has regular columns to update one’s knowledge like – Know your raga, Know your kriti, interesting articles, reviews of events, books CDs, information on forthcoming events etc.

Every year, Samudhra celebrates its anniversary in a grand manner in the month of November and confers on a senior musicologist/writer/critic the title “Gnana Samudhra”, in recognition of their years of service to the cause of fine arts.

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Dr. Radha Bhaskar

Mudhra Bhaskar

Dr. Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti

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